Making Dreams Come True 4 Kids Mentoring Program
  Holiday Fashion Shows

Making Dreams Come True 4 Kids would like the opportunity to coordinate a kids Fashion Show as a fundraiser at your church, community center or organization, for boys and girls ages 5 to 18 and young adults.
Fashion Shows will help build a child’s confidence, and the best way to instill confidence in a child is to give them successful experiences.
We teach each child how to walk a runway with confidences.  
We provide dresses (evening and casual wear) shoes and accessories, jewelry  and make-up.                 Sorry, we don't provide clothes for boys.
We also provide princess dresses which fulfill little girl’s dreams of becoming a “Princess for a Day”.  
Our dresses, shoes and accessories are cleaned after each use. A photo is taken of each child as they walk down the runway.

If you are interested in having a Fashion Show at your event, please compete contact form below.

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